Our Story


Born in Japan, MODUFY brings the crossover of technology, minimalistic and premium design. With the concept of "Enrich Tesla Moment", we offer innovative value to enrich the lifestyle with Tesla and electric vehicles. Sustainability is our important commitment, and we strive to address environmental issues through our products and activities.

Our Beginnings

Convinced of the advanced and innovative
technology and how it would change our lives, I
purchased a Tesla automobile in 2020. The Tesla
automobile became a part of my family's everyday
life, and we thought it could provide new value to
enrich our lifestyles with Tesla. That is when our
vision for MODUFY was born.
About a year later, we launched our first product
through crowdfunding.

Minimalistic Philosophy

Minimalism expresses a design quality. It
also means that the design fits in with
Tesla's philosophy and does not
compromise the comfort and livability of the
vehicle's interior.

Origin of the Name

The origin of MODUFY is a coined word combining "Module" and "Modify." The term "Module"
means "a part in a spacecraft designed to perform a particular function independently of the mother
ship." On the other, "Modify" means "to (partially) remodel or qualify." MODUFY thus signifies "to
connect new values to electric vehicles and users and maximize their values.”

Considering the Future of the Earth

Sustainability is our crucial commitment,
and therefore we will strive to address the
world's major environmental issues.
MODUFY uses recyclable materials for
product packaging, eliminating plastic and
virgin forest fibers to the greatest extent
possible. We registered as a partnership
with prAna, which actively works to
eliminate packaging waste worldwide.


We're a diverse, Tokyo-based team focused on innovation, with members from around the globe. We aim to create value that enhances everyday life while integrating seamlessly with Tesla.