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The product is highly praised by influencers and Tesla evangelists worldwide!

France Tesla Evangelist


Your products are great! Good
materials, premium look and feel.
I've been using it for a few days
now and it has definitely replaced
my previous magsafe phone holder!

New Revolution Media CEO & Tesla Owner


This product is amazing! It fits in seamlessly in my Tesla's interiors and works amazingly. I suggested it to all of my friends!

JapanTesla YouTuber & BOXIV Founder


Holding MODUFY's products, I felt the luxury of machined aluminum and sophistication that aligns with Tesla's simple design. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Thailand Tesla YouTuber & TKF Owner


This product has elegant and minimalistic design, which looks good inside Tesla interior. The material has high quality. The magnet has strong hold. Also very convenient to have power charge too.

Taiwan Tesla Owner & YouTuber


This is the first time I see such a high-quality Tesla wireless charging accessory for back seat, my friends said it was super easy to use when they saw it in the car! It even works with our kid's smartphone, which is

Hawaii Tesla Evangelist & Teslaloha Owner


Designed and engineered in Japan, I’ve always found MODUFY products well made, thought out, and of high
quality. And they’re all Tesla owners to boot🤙

Japan Tesla Evangelist


I love the MODUFY MagSafe Charger's design. It’s lack of a MODUFY logo makes it resemble a genuine Tesla product. The color matches the monitor, and it exudes luxury!

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The product is highly praised by influencers and Tesla evangelists worldwide!