Be careful not to manipulate the Model 3/Y stalk during installation due to the close distance between the stalk and the screen.・Before installation, wash your hands to remove oil and dirt [Model 3/Y].

Before installation, wash your hands to remove oil and dirt.

1. Put the screen into cleaning mode by following the steps: Display → Screen Clean Mode.

2. Use the provided screen cleaner to remove oil and dirt from the screen. Then, use the sticker to remove any fine dust from the entire screen.※Please ensure to remove dust from the screen as it can cause bubbles.

3. Attach the guide to the screen with the side marked "TOP" facing upward. Make sure all four corners are locked.

4. Once the guide is securely attached, slowly pull the handle of the right side sheet to the right.

5. Wait for the protective film to adhere to the screen, then slowly remove the guide.

6. Slowly peel off the film on top of the protective film.